Test Plan / Test Diary

There are two parts to testing software.  The first part is planning what to test. The second part is executing the tests and recording the results in a diary.

A) Here's what should go into each item of a test plan:

  1. Test Name: Name of the test. Consider this to be similar to a newspaper headline. 
  2. Description: High level description, including why this test is useful.
  3. Expectation: Expected results from the test.
  4. Steps: Steps to perform the test. Include context, if necessary.

B) Each test in a test diary should include references to the first four sections and also

  1. Result: Actual results. Describe how it differs from expectations, if necessary.
  2. Build version
  3. Date
  4. Any variables not described in #4 above.

Is this how you create test plans?

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