Observations on Japanese Culture - Part 11 - Tea

While we were visiting Japan we went to Sakushin Gakuin school in Utsunomiya. The kids we were with got to take part in a Tea Ceremony lesson. According to Wikipedia:
The Japanese tea ceremony is called chanoyu (茶の湯, lit. "tea hot-water") or also chadō or sadō (茶道, "the way of tea") in Japanese. It is a multifaceted traditional activity strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism, in which powdered green tea, or matcha (抹茶), is ceremonially prepared and served to others.

An instructor discourses on the finer points of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Apparently he is a famous tea instructor. Our friend Hiroko thinks that she saw him on television.

You have to sit in this position for the duration of the ceremony.

The treats

Based on some of the kids' expressions, there was a mixed response to the treats

At this school only girls in 5th grade and up learn the Tea Ceremony. During this time the boys in the class go play rugby. But, because our kids were visiting the boys acted as guests and the girls served tea to them. Our boys, however, were on the girls' side making tea. One boy said that tea usually gives him a headache, but this tea was ok.

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