Sketchnotes of Conferences

I'm a strong believer in using drawing to help reinforce learning and collaboration.

Drawing is an excellent approach to engage the brain in multiple ways, making a more creative and memorable meeting for everyone. A recent Wall Street Journal article began “Employees at a range of businesses are being encouraged by their companies to doodle their ideas and draw diagrams to explain complicated concepts to colleagues.” Drawing can be used to promote engagement, visual thinking, and enhance note taking.

Sketchnotes are a simple idea from Mike Rohde that embrace the idea that drawing can enhance understanding, learning and sharing.

Keeping with that theme, here are my sketchnotes of some of the conferences I've attended. All of these were done live as the talks unfolded.

Pacific NW Quality Conference (PNSQC) 2016 - Day 2

  • Rex Black, "Stupid Metrics Tricks – and How to Avoid Them" 
  • Justin Wolf, "Automated Testing for Continuous Delivery Pipelines." 
  • Kiriakos Kontostathis, "Don’t Forget Security When Delivering Software"
  • Darlene Bennet Greene, "Cultivating a Champion Mindset and Skills to Dramatically Improve Your Life" 

Pacific NW Quality Conference (PNSQC) 2016 - Day 1

  • Peter Khoury, "From Software Tester to Leader: How to Take a Radical Leap Forward at Work" 
  • Johanna Rothman, "Deliver Quality with Agile & Lean" 
  • Ruchir Garg,  "Third-party Library Mismanagement: How it Can Derail Your Plans"
  • James Knowlton, "Innersource: Open Source for Test Automation" 
  • Eric Thompson, "The Three Tenets of Engineering Motivation"  

Pacific NW Quality Conference (PNSQC) 2015 - Day 2

  • Ken Pugh, author of "Prefactoring, Interface-Oriented Design,"  
  • Wayne Roseberry from Microsoft wonders whether Machine Learning can help identify bugs
  • Ron Thompson compares the Product Owner's influence to yeast in beer.
  • Lucy Chang from Intuit talks about using Amazon web services with Wiremock to inject stubs and proxies into a distributed system.

Pacific NW Quality Conference (PNSQC) 2015 - Day 1

  • Casey Rosenthal from Netflix presented his talk on Chaos Engineering.
  • Julie Green from Con-Way Enterprises uses pre-mortems to elicit risks in a project.  
  • Dwayne Thomas and Kevin Swallow from Crowd Compass presented a session on using coding clubs at work.
  • Bhushan Gupta raised everyone's awareness on the need for secure web applications.

Agile Open Northwest 2015

Pacific NW Quality Conference 2014 (PNSQC) - Day 2

Pacific NW Quality Conference 2014 (PNSQC) - Day 1

Webvisions 2014

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