Ladies & gentlemen, it's the Go-Go Swingers!

Do you remember those four mop-topped youths from Liverpool who led the British Invasion of America in the 1960's? I'm not talking about the Beatles. Yes, it's the Go-Go Swingers!

In this clip from their infamous performance at the Roxy Theatre in 1964, the faux four perform their cover of "I saw her standing there." The crowd went wild! You can barely hear "the quiet one."

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Being a Locavore

City of PortlandImage via Wikipedia I went to the kids' school environmental fair last week. One group of students gave a presentation on being a "locavore." They said that was someone who ate food that was produced locally. These days being a locavore doesn't just help the environment, but also your wallet, since the high price of gas is raising the price of everything that has to be shipped to the grocery store. And one great way to eat locally and promote the local economy at the same time is to visit a farmers' market.
In the Portland area it seems like there's a farmers' market for almost every day of the week:

  • Saturday - When I remember, I like to go to the Hollywood Farmers' Market. It runs from 8am - 1pm, so it's nice to wander over there around lunch time, get something to eat and then pick up some locally grown greens & veggies for dinner.

  • Sunday - The Hillsdale Farmers' Market has a stall that sells brick oven bagels. Yum!

  • Monday - I guess is a day of rest. But it's Miser Monday at Lucky Lab, so drink some great locally brewed beer!

  • Tuesday - I've never been to the Lloyd Farmers Market, but it looks like fun.

  • Wednesday - After work, especially when I'm riding my bike, I like to stop at the Moreland Farmers Market. Our family friend Laura Wendel manages this market.

  • Thursday - The Portland Farmers Market Eastbank is also on my way home from work. I can stop and get some good fruit and listen to music.

  • Friday - Ok, no marketing on Friday. Instead, enjoy some more local beer at happy hour at Hopworks Urban Brewery.

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Find 'Em

A Rolodex file used in the 1970s.Image via Wikipedia This site Find 'Em has a variety of search engines...

Ok, it's a site I put together. It was inspired by an article I read in the Wall Street Journal. It's a little scary. You can search for all sorts of stuff on people.

Zaba Inc.'s ZabaSearch.com turns up public records such as criminal history and birthdates. Spock Networks Inc.'s Spock.com and Wink Technologies Inc.'s Wink.com are "people-search engines" that specialize in digging up personal pages, such as social-networking profiles, buried deep in the Web. Spokeo.com is a search site operated by Spokeo Inc., a startup that lets users see what their friends are doing on other Web sites. Zillow Inc.'s Zillow.com estimates the value of people's homes, while the Huffington Post's Fundrace feature tracks their campaign donations. Jigsaw Data Corp.'s Jigsaw.com, meanwhile, lets people share details with each other from business cards they've collected -- a sort of gray market for Rolodex data.
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FIlthy Swine vid: Body Bag

An early Filthy Swine video all shot "in camera" with Jeff Sexton's early 8mm video camera. The song is from about 1983 while the video is from 1985 or so. We were middle-class punks back then.

I think it ages well, especially in light of the Gulf War. Maybe a remake is in order?


Video: Lost Cities of the Modern World

A music video of aging painted signs in Portland, Oregon. I made this about 15 years ago, around what's now called The Pearl district. About half of these signs and building are gone now. I guess the music is inspired by David Bowie's album Low.

Lost Cities of the Modern World was going to be a series of videos of "lost" artifacts from early 20th century as developers cleared way for new development. This is the only video finished, but development is still going on.

(This video is mpg encoded, but the resolution of the images isn't that great. It seems like youtube works better if the video you upload is lower resolution. I'll try again with it as a WMV.)

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Worst President Ever?

The quote from the article says it all: "He is more unpopular than Richard Nixon was just before he resigned from the presidency in August 1974." President Nixon's disapproval rating in August 1974 stood at 67 percent.

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