Body of news

There are about 50 police cars outside a warehouse over by where I work.

According to KOIN news:

Kraxberger Middle School in Gladstone in on an external lock down on advice of the Milwaukie police.

The body of an adult male was found at a metal fabrication shop on Southeast Mailwell. He was found not breathing and pronounced deceased at the scene.

KGW news has a bit more info:
MILWAUKIE, Ore. – Police Thursday identified a person of interest in what they describe as a man's "suspicious" death at a Milwaukie metal fabrication plant.

Three nearby Gladstone schools were placed into lockdown mode as a precaution, police said.

Police also closed off side streets near the scene.

KATU has about the same as KGW.

KPTV, however, which used to be ahead of the game in terms of local reporting, has nothing on their website about the incident. ... oh, there it is. About 4 hours later


Judge OKs Microsoft Vista Class-Action Lawsuit

A federal judge said Friday that consumers may go ahead with a class action lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. over the way it advertised computers loaded with Windows XP as capable of running the Vista operating system.

The lawsuit said Microsoft's labeling of some PCs as "Windows Vista Capable" was misleading because many of those computers were not powerful enough to run all of Vista's features, including the much-touted "Aero" user interface.

U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman certified the class action suit but whittled down its scope to focus primarily on whether Microsoft's "Vista Capable" labels created artificial demand for computers during the 2006 holiday shopping season, and inflated prices for computers that couldn't be upgraded to the full-featured version of Vista, which was released at the end of January 2007.

Another person has problems with Vista

Windows Vista Fast Install Mode - Funny bloopers are a click away

Speaking of Vista, take a look at their "improved" search ability

1) Vista Search is Bogus
Why is the search so slow? In this picture I'm searching for all the executables on my PC.
Why the progress bar? In DOS I can do a "dir *.exe /s/b" and it takes about 5 seconds.
With the Windows UI it takes minutes.

Oh -- note the yellow warning: "Searches might be slow in non-indexed locations: C:\Program Files" What? If I'm looking for exe's, wouldn't the "program files" directory (on Windows) be the obvious place to look?

2) Vista Search is Lame
So, I'm looking for all my exe's in the \Develop directory.
Unfortunately, Vista seems to think that if it's not in "\Program Files," then it must be music.
"What you say?" say you?
Yes, it's true. Look at the column attributes that display for a non "Program Files" search:
Artists, Album, #, Genre.
I'm not sure what genre programs I write, but MSFT programs are punk. And not the good kind of punk.

3) Vista Search is Useless
So, I waited through the search progress bar, and I found all my EXEs in my \Develop directory.
Now, I want to save the list of programs that I found.
So, I click 'Save Search'.
Unfortunately, this doesn't save my search results.
Instead, it saves the search criteria.
Except it doesn't save all the search settings -- like which columns I want to see in the results.
After #2 I'd set my column settings to more useful options: location (directory), file attribute, file size.

Then, I re-ran the search with the saved criteria and it changes back to "genre." Huh.
And that doesn't really matter anyway.
Mostly I wanted to search for all files that contain a certain string and then make a list of these files for a specification.

So, it goes back to
dir *.exe /b/s

grep -i -o -d blah *.exe


Obama or Clinton?

Seems like I agree with Clinton 50% of the time, and Obama the other 50%.
You can compare your answers here.