My own private Idaho store?

I read an article about this zlio.com. You can set up your own custom stores and then drive customers to them. You find a theme and then sell items in your store based on the them.

I don't know if these will ever make much money, but it's could be a piece of art setting up a store that reflects an idea. In the meantime...


Evil Villain store open for business

Oh, I also set up a shop with zlio.com for Evil Villain supplies.

Unfortunately, zlio doesn't seem to be too reliable. Sometimes it's responsive and other times it just hangs or the browser reports errors. I also notice that the number of suppliers doesn't seem to be as extensive as buying from amazon.com. Hmmmm....

Meanwhile... *EEEVILLL*

Flat Out Press gets a makeover

I've updated my Flat Out Press website to use blogger.

Flat Out Press carries books by my dad, Albert Drake. He writes about hot-rods, custom cars, dry lake racing, and the 50's. Not all of it is nostalgia. Check it out.

Also, I added a Flat Out Press store link. The store is hosted by zlio.com which lets you start your own webshop for free. You pick the inventory from a variety of suppliers and then let 'er rip.



It's been a while since I watched Kingpin. Here are some good quotes...

Neighbor: Hey Roy, can you get sick from drinking piss?
Roy: I think you can.
Neighbor: Even if its your own?

ESPN Announcer: So Roy, where have you been for the last fifteen years?
Roy: Well, I uh, well, ya see, I uh... Drinking. Lot a drinking.
ESPN Announcer: I see. Well, are you still drinking?
Roy: No. I uh... I put... uh... Why, you buying?

Ishmael: You been drinking, Mr. Munson?
Roy: I don't puke when I drink. I puke when I don't.

Ernie McCracken: You're on a gravy train with biscuit wheels.

Ernie McCracken: Tanqueray and Tab and keep 'em comin'.

Roy: Hey, Herbie! How's life?
Scranton Wino: Taking forever.


Sweet 45 mile PDX ride!

Someone's mapped out a full 45.8 mile loop through Forest Park and SW Portland.

Sam Adams for Mayor?

Ok, I'll vote for him.
He rides a bike to work, is endorsed by Mike Houck, and seems like he has a lot of energy.