Simple Google Maps

I tried to use KML to map the Portland Public Schools (PPS), but it seems like there's a definite limit on the number of items you can map this way. When I load the map I get an error: "Parts of http://www.rdrop.com/~moss/... could not be displayed because it is too large."

I don't think the limit is due to file size. I've compressed the KML to a KMZ and that didn't make a difference. Also, I removed a bunch of the data from the description to make the size smaller -- no change. No matter what I do, Google Maps only maps about 70 sites from a KML file. Since there are about 100 PPS schools, this isn't optimal.

By the way: to make a KMZ file from a KML file, just zip it up with WinZip.

So, the comment that Google Maps works better than Yahoo doesn't appear to be entirely true.
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In case you're lost...

Map of Europe circa 1000

Cool stereo pictures

Here's a cool idea. Using animated GIFs to present a stereo view.


Yahoo Maps Simple API

Here's a different mapping example. I used Yahoo Maps Simple API.
All you have to do is to put your locations into an XML file and then pass that file to Yahoo via a URL.

This is the same map as the previous -- all the schools in Portland Public Schools.
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Here's my second attempt at google maps

I found this site that helps geocode a batch of addresses.
I already compiled a spreadsheet of PPS addresses by school, so I pasted it into the site and that resulted in a bunch of longitudes and latitudes.

Then, the site helped me to map it.
I'll have to spend some time figuring out what it all means.