Ok, I take it back

Apparently it was priced into the market....

Fed Cuts Rates by Half Point

One has to wonder whether the stock market really does account for expected future moves in the price of stocks... Looks more reactionary to me.


Those were the days...

The Internet Wayback Machine is an archive of the internet since the beginning of time (or, at least since 1996).

Surprisingly, I existed back then too.

Here's what my page sort of looked like in 1999.


Lego NXT wall avoider

Simple LEGO NXT robot that tries to avoid the walls after it bumps into them.


Lego NXT line follower

A simple LEGO NXT robot that uses the light sensor to follow a black line.
The program is pretty simple:
  1. Go forward infinitely at 50% power
  2. Until the light sensor reads greater than 50%
  3. Then stop the left wheel
  4. And move the right wheel forward 10 degrees
  5. Repeat
This program makes the robot inch forward until it's moved off the black line. Then it moves to the left by 10 degrees and inches forward again. It assumes the line is a circle, and that the robot is positioned inside the circle, so it will traverse the circle in a counter-clockwise rotation.

You can download my program if you'd like.