Christian Science Monitor losing the paper

The Christian Science Monitor is going to stop producing their daily paper and just provide the web-based version.
The Christian Science Monitor plans major changes in April 2009 that are expected to make it the first newspaper with a national audience to shift from a daily print format to an online publication that is updated continuously each day.
The changes at the Monitor will include enhancing the content on CSMonitor.com, starting weekly print and daily e-mail editions, and discontinuing the current daily print format.
This new, multiplatform strategy for the Monitor will "secure and enlarge the Monitor's role in its second century."
Makes me wonder what will happen to all those Christian Science reading rooms? (There's one in downtown Portland) Will they be equipped with Internet drops?

Also makes me ask what will happen with the CSM's current ad campaign: "Special Offer: Subscribe to the Monitor and get 32 issues RISK-FREE!"? Will this be changed in March to say "32 issues almost-risk free"? And then 31 issues...30 issues...29....

I guess this change is just part of the evolution of news. I still remember when the Oregonian and the Oregon Journal merged in 1982. That's why we have two full pages of comics in the Oregonian (1 page from the O, 1 page from the Journal). I also remember when Willamette Week changed to non-smearing ink, and then to soy-based ink. I don't remember when Sunday comics shrunk, but I have some old examples from the 30's, 40's and 50's where the pages are poster-sized. Now those were comics. Makes me think of Little Nemo in Slumberland (this is an execellent book)...

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