An anagram for "Palin" is "Plain"

John McCain and Sarah PalinImage by earthpro via FlickrWhenever I see the name "Sarah Palin" my incipient dyslexia turns it into "Sarah, plain..." which I fill in with "...and tall."

This made me wonder what anagrams I could come up with using the Internet Anagram server, and her full name: Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

Here are a few pithy results.

The initial reaction during the RNC:
She A Hit Hair Poll. Nausea...
(Or, just using "Sarah Palin": Hair As Plan)
Regarding her beauty queen background:
Uh, A Tiara Shine Heals Pol?

Regarding foreign policy issues:
Aha! Russia All Thine Hope.

Then, afterward her media silence:
A Palatial Heroine's Hush.

Her ties to big oil:
Oil Arena Hit A Slush Heap
Oil Arena heals A Hush Tip
She Harp Hilt Oil. A Nausea.

Regariding her anti-abortion policy:
Health Arena Hails Pious.

If she's elected Veep:
She Rip Oath. A Nausea Hill.

If McCain dies in office, then my reaction to Palin as president:
Huh, A Pill Or Anaesthesia?
A Hell Ship Or Euthanasia?
Paranoia. A Hell Hit Us: She.

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