Pacific NW Quality Conference 2014 (PNSQC) - Day 2

Here are my sketchnotes from the second day's sessions at PNSQC.  As I mentioned in the introduction to Day 1, I'm not a trained artist.  If I've drawn you here, and you don't like the cartoon, please email me so I can edit the photo.

Please click on any of the images to see a larger version.
The second day at PNSQC opened with "Live Site Quality: the Bridge Between Your Silos" given by Jon Bach from eBay.  As usual, Jon was full of useful ideas and interesting tangents. 

John Ruberto from Intuit presented at PNSQC in previous years. This year's presentation, "Continuous Delivery: Bridging Quality Between Development and Customers" talked about the challenges, tools and solutions to moving from three-week delivery cycles to continuous delivery cycles.

I only caught the second half of Halim Dunsky's talk "Scrum + Kanban, Sittin’ In a Tree…" about how Scrum & Kanban can work together, and when to use them separately.  This was the first time I'd heard of "Scrumban."  He also had a good point that when you add work-in-process limits, it essentially transforms a Scrum board into a Kanban board.

In "Mobile UX Make or Break," Philip Lew from XBOSoft gave an extensive list of items to consider for a good user experience when developing for the mobile platform.

During lunch at the conference I was talking with someone about unit testing and mocks, fakes and stubs.  He suggested I look for Gerard Meszaros' book "xUnit Test Patterns," and then he mentioned that Meszaros was presenting on "Example-Driven Architecture – Moving Beyond The Fragile Test Problem Once And For All" at PNSQC later that day. Of course, I had to check it out. My notes only captured a small fraction of what was covered.

My notes from the first day of PNSQC 2014 are here.

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