Isn't the Internet great?

A chef has created a computer that prints paper meals.

Homaru Cantu's invention uses ink made of liquidised food to print a picture snack on low-calorie edible paper. The meals on soya bean and potato paper could help office workers satisfy food cravings without piling on the pounds.

Scottish men can now marry their ex-mothers-in-law following legal changes by the Scottish Executive.

Scottish women are also free to marry their former fathers-in-law as a result of the changes, reports the Herald. The family law reforms change laws dating back to 1567, based on the Old Testament, which said that if a man takes a wife and lies with her mother, all three should be burned alive.

A Jordanian man divorced his wife after discovering that she was also his virtual girlfriend.

Bakr Melhem had been flirting with a women on an internet chat room for several months. But, when they finally met up at a bus station, in Zarqa near Amman, he recognised her as his wife Sanaa. Bakr Melhem immediately shouted the Arabic words for 'I divorce thee' three times.

A man from Swansea has discovered he sends text messages in his sleep.

Richard Griffiths, 23, has sent a series of messages - one even mirroring a nightmare he was having. He said: "I text so much it's second nature. But I was still freaked out." He sent his first message to his mum at 2am 18 months ago reports The Sun.

A few months later he sent a text to his friend Ashley Jones saying: "Help, I'm in trouble, someone's chasing me." Ashley immediately rang back - and spoke to Richard who revealed he had been dreaming. Another text, referring to the Jungle Book film he had seen with two young relatives, read: "Baloo have you seen Bagheera?"

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