movie madness

This site is funny...
EveryJoe gets to pitch a movie. Here are some examples:

And Hijinks Ensue!
"BUSINESS AS USUAL is a feature-length comedy in which an immature and self-centered medical billing executive audits a problem client's account. When a hilarious office injury lands her under that client's medical care, the young executive uses hospital hi-jinks and some help from her conscience personified in order to expose the doctor's corruption."

"LOGLINE: Following a mishap during laser eye surgery, a woman finds she is empowered with the ability to kill with a mere glance."

"LOGLINE: Remember the olden days, when good and evil clashed and gods and goddesses walked the earth? Well, they're back...And they brought their own soundtrack!"

Junk Mail
"Four Homeland Security agents desperately attempt to decode clues to a series of plots contained in five junk e-mail ads. All of them are filled with cryptic occult references that suggest unprecedented weapons of mass destruction."
I can see it now: "FREE overthrow PENIS the ENLARGMENT! government"

Here's a cheap one...

"LOGLINE: A family of misfits with cloaking technology battle zombies and a secret government agency that wants to enslave them.
SYNOPSIS: In 2016 a virus infects the world, turning masses of people into undead cannibals. Sixty-five years later, Josie, her twelve-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, and seven others take residence atop a metropolitan high rise. With the use of a cloaking device, they manage to elude the undead as well as their newest foe, the soldiers of Embryon. The more they come in contact with these soldiers, the more Embryon's secrets unfold."

I'm sick of you.
"Aren't you sick of predictable detective movies when you know the bad guy is going to go down? That is why I wrote the INVISIBLE KILLER. Set in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2025. It's about two twins brothers, whom the police think is one serial killer. They are self-made millionaires and out for vengeance. Unique? You better believe it."

And chaos ensues...
"LOGLINE: Chuck would never have thought of going into politics if the aliens hadn't inflated his cat and sent him on a picnic with Marilyn Monroe."

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