Bottled Moon Water?

The Moon as NASA's LCROSS hits - iPhone WallpaperImage by MarsInOrbit via Flickr

Now that NASA's LCROSS mission has determined there's water on the moon, the possibility for internet alarums has expanded greatly.

Anthony Colaprete at NASA announced the findings at a midday news conference: "I'm here today to tell you that indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn't find just a little bit; we found a significant amount" -- about a dozen, two-gallon bucketfuls, he said, holding up several white plastic containers.

Here are some suggestions for new projects:

Bottled Moon Water: The Luna Bar people are planning to partner with Virgin Galactic to harvest moon water and sell it to the ultra-rich as a drink that's "out of this world".

Capricorn One Redux: Just like The Government silenced OJ Simpson because Capricorn One is really a documentary, the Men in Black will be harassing Sam Rockwell for Moon, except instead of energy it's water. Really.

War of the World: The water blast was just a cover-up for a real attack on the moon. NASA is a civilian space agency, but they've been corrupted by the US military to blow up the aging Soviet underground moon base. With the collapse of the USSR, Russia no longer had the resources to defend the base, and so the US moon-hawks took the chance to claim their space.

Update! A friend adds: "This premise now provides the missing 2001 backstory -- this is why they were digging on the moon, only to find the monolith... Hydration a'la Luna is the product: HAL for short.. it could go on and on and on."

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