Someone needs a core dump

In the Nightmare on Elm Street movies the premise is that if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. What if you cheat on your spouse in your dreams? What if you virtually cheat on your spouse?

A woman is divorcing her real husband because she caught him cheating on her in the virtual world Second Life. She says that she saw her husband's avatar having sex with a virtual prostitute in their virtual bathroom.
Amy Taylor, 28, said she had caught husband David Pollard, 40, having sex with an animated woman. The couple, who met in an Internet chatroom in 2003, are now separated.
"I went mad -- I was so hurt. I just couldn't believe what he'd done," Taylor told the Western Morning News. "It may have started online, but it existed entirely in the real world and it hurts just as much now it is over."

The couple met via Second Life, got married in the real world, and then also had a lavish virtual wedding. Now they're breaking up in both the real world and the virtual world. Is this confusing?

The husband says that he wasn't cheating.
Pollard admitted having an online relationship with a "girl in America" but denied wrongdoing. "We weren't even having cyber sex or anything like that, we were just chatting and hanging out together," he told the Western Morning News.

Seems like Linden Labs, who runs Second Life, could help him out by dumping the backups from that time and running a core analysis... or not.

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