Random Name Generator

Jack Black - Nacho LibreNacho, as wonderful name...Trying to write a story and can't think of a good name? Too lazy to look in the Yellow Pages? Make the computer do it for you.

The Random Name Generator lets you choose gender, ethnic background, and even stereotypes such as Fairy, Goth, Rapper or Wrestler. If you're hooked on a given surname you can plug that in.

So, let's say for example, you're writing a sequel to Jack Black's "Nacho Libre." I click on wrestler, and get the following names: Rhino Snake Double Biceps and Cripple Sheik Iron Assassin.

Or maybe if the Obama family gets a new puppy they can use the generator to suggest names. I thought they might want to choose a Kenyan name in honor of Obama's father but they only have a category called "African." Using that, it suggested the name "Kibwe," which means means "blessed" in Swahili. You can click on the suggested name to get the meaning behind it.

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