Muxtape is a site that lets you make your own internet "mix tape." To create an account you only need to give up your email address, and that's about it. You get a URL in the form of .muxtape.com/. (I chose zans.muxtape.com, as in "A Zans for cans is very good. Have you a Zans for cans? You should.")

According to the terms on the website:
Muxtape is a service for creating mixtapes. Users may not upload multiple songs from the same album or artist, or songs they do not have permission to let Muxtape use. Individual users may not create multiple muxtapes. Accounts not meeting these restrictions are subject to termination without notice. Muxtape will never reveal your email address to a third party. Muxtape is alive.

You're limited to 12 songs per account, and they say they don't want you to create multiple accounts, so restraint is the keyword of the day. Put your all into your own mix tape. Of course, you can always tape over it...

So, here's my mix...

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  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    I think the restrictions are a way to limit potential legal liability, in theory they can be sued for up to $7500 every time a track is played on their site.

    Take a look at imeem.com, they started doing their version of the mixtape a couple of years ago and have agreements with all the record labels. So there's no limit on how many tracks you can upload and share, or how long a mix can be. The downside is that some artists - like the Beatles are forbidden and tracks from those artists only show up as 30 second previews.

    Anyway, check imeem out, muxtape is basicly a copy of its best feature.