LCS Independence

Shawn Izenson, a friend of mine from highschool, works as a civilian contractor for the US Navy. His most recent project looks more like something from Starfleet than a US naval fleet.

It's called the LCS Independence, and the LCS stands for Littoral Combat Ship. It's not complete: the launch is not the same as delivery, and the propulsion, damage control, machinery & weapons control and automation remain to be tested. Aut the ship is around 70% complete.

Shawn says:
I am one of the specs in the picture of the ship being transferred to the dry dock. The most exciting part was actually the launch off of the dock, there was a lot of time pressure as the tide is very shallow in Mobile Bay, and Murphy's Law tried to rear its ugly head a few times during the evolution.
Most refer to it as the "Klingon Battle Cruiser", but I suppose it does look like a tank or a civil war era iron clad too. Its the first trimaran we will have have in the US Navy (there was one 2/3rds scale test ship, the TRIDENT, that was a joint project with the UK, but it was just a test ship; besides that, it did not look as cool, and could not make 40 knots).
This bad boy has several tens of megawatts coming at you. The gun on the bow is only one weapon system, there are also going to be 3 mission packages that sit in holes on the decks. Those currently under development or ready to go are 30 mm guns and NLOS (non line of sight missile system, vertical launch).

I'm not a fan of defense spending, but this ship does look pretty cool.

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