PNSQC 2015 - Day 2

Here are my sketchnotes for the second day of the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2015 held in Portland, Oregon.  Click on an image to see the larger version.

Ken Pugh, author of "Prefactoring, Interface-Oriented Design,"  spoke about effectively communicating using acceptance tests.  His talk outlined how the triad (developer, product owner, QA) work together to write acceptance tests that become the specs for unit tests, code, and automated regression tests.  This talk was accompanied by a hands-on workshop the following day.

Wayne Roseberry from Microsoft posed some interesting question: Microsoft has a lot of data regarding automated crash reports.  Can this data be used to identify which have already been reported?  Can it help identify areas of code that need refactoring, or have high bug results?  He developed a system using the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning engine to process the bug reports.

Keeping with the theme of the conference, Ron Thompson used the metaphor of how the product owner influences the resulting system in the same way a particular strain of yeast might affect brewing beer. 

Lucy Chang from Intuit gave an amazing technical talk about using Amazon web services with Wiremock to inject stubs and proxies into a distributed system. 

Click here to see the notes for Day 1 of the conference.

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