The Verge, Shaq and Shingy Bumped My Post

I noticed a bump in web traffic on my blog yesterday. Tracing down into the stats, I found a lot of the traffic was coming from a post on The Verge called "Shaq and Shingy hacked my brain with #brands."

How do I fit in with Shaquille O'Neal, AOL's digital futurist David Shing, aka Shingy, and a conference on brand innovators?  I wondered the same thing.  Then I scanned down the article.

Shingy's favorite quote from Leonardo Da Vinci is "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  That clicked. Several years ago I wrote an essay called "The Trouble With Simplicity..." where I tried to track down, through the Internet and (gasp) printed books, whether Da Vinci actually wrote this quote.

The author of the piece on The Verge links to my piece as a way to say Da Vinci did not write the quote in question.  But that's not exactly my answer, which is less simple. To quote myself:
"simplicity can often hide complexity"
Regardless, I appreciate the web traffic.  Now, back to work on my #brand :-)

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