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I was going through some old files on my computer and found a plot synopsis I'd written a long time ago. Three things tell you how long ago: it's a local file, not in the cloud; I'm talking about a computer, not a laptop, tablet or phone; and it's about Star Trek Voyager.  I'd nearly forgotten about that show, but when it was broadcast on TV I watched every week.

I think I'd written the synopsis because I was bemoaning with friends the lack of real science fiction plots in the show.  Voyager was often a soap opera in space.  So, determined to "show them," I came up with some script ideas.  Here's one:

Series: Star Trek Voyager
Title:  Culture
Summary: While replenishing their Trilithium supply, Paris and a red-shirt get infected with a fungus.  The problem with eradicating it from their bodies is that it appears to be a sentient civilization.
Synopsis: Planetside.  Paris and Lee have just finished prospecting for Trilithium deposits on the planet’s surface.  The planet is wrapped in deep clouds, with an extremely moist surface, unusual for Class M planets.  The surface is soft and easy to mine. (Do they have to use the transporter for the Trilithium? Or the shuttle?)
Paris & Lee use the transporter to return to Voyager.  When they return, the transporter shows some odd readings. Janeway orders the transporter team to perform a complete maintenance check on it, and sends the two crew members to sick bay for a physical.
On the way to sick bay Paris stops just briefly to pick up --- something --- in the health club.  At that point he claps somebody in the steam room on the back, and they get infected.

What struck me most is how much I have forgotten those characters. I barely remember what Paris looked like, let alone his personality. And when I read "Lee" I'm thinking Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica.

So, yes, the plots could have been better. But in retrospect, the characters seem to fade away as well.

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