Spam Injected Philip K Dick

The things that spammers do to try to fool search engines sometimes boggles me.

Here's an example. I was reading Philip K Dick's novel "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said" and there's a section where the titular policeman makes a voice print of Jason Taverner. Here's the passage:
After the recording of the footprint he spoke the sentence, "Down goes the right hut and ate a put object beside his horse." That took care of the voiceprint. After that, again seated, he allowed terminals to be placed here and there on his head; the machine cranked out three feet of scribbled-on paper, and that was that. That was the electrocardiogram. It ended the tests.
I was curious whether PKD based the voice print sentence on anything rooted in reality, or whether he was just imagining words with various tonal characteristics.  So, I searched for the literal sentence in google.

The first couple of links were legit, but the rest had an odd feel, even for Dick.  The subject in the sentence had been replaced with a product.  It's almost as if I'm flashing back to Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" as he walks through the mall where the ads recognize him.

Is this an SEO trick? (Search Engine Optimization) Do readers of Philip K Dick like to buy Coach bags and Ugg shoes? Does it work? I didn't click on the links.

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