Accordion Shape - Found Poetry

Here's a found poem from IMDB, ready for adaptation into a romantic comedy with international intrigue.
From the cute meet on the street with the girl playing the accordion, to the cloak & dagger of the Oslo accord, and then to the climax with our heroes smashed into an accordion shape and a happy resolution.

Here are the links to the movies which should be used as references during the writing of this classic.
playing-accordian (5 titles)
accordion (343 titles)
awkward-sex (4 titles)
oslo-accord (2 titles)
jakarta-indonesia (19 titles)
socially-awkward (33 titles)
smashed-into-an-accordion-shape (5 titles)
smashed-into-accordion-shape (16 titles)
awkwardness (113 titles)
awkward-kiss (8 titles)

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