Xtranormal: It's a long way from X-files

Xtranormal is a web site that facilitates making creepy animated movies. OK, they're not trying for the creepy part -- it just works out that way.

You can choose from one of six pre-packaged sets, decide whether to have one or two actors, and then start making your movie. The "super hero" set looked interesting, although I have no idea why the hero is in a cage. I used my last couple of tweets for a script, then I chose various camera angles, facial expressions and body motions. All of the staging is pretty limited: twelve camera angles, about fifteen "emotions" and five or so expressive movements.

All the rendering occurs at their servers, so you don't have to have a fast computer, but even still it took 15 minutes or so to render the final movie.

Here's the result. Creepy, no?

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