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On twitter quite a few people seem to spew all sorts of "Twitips." A recent one was "11 Useful Twitter Tools That Don’t Require Your Password."
I decided to check 'em out for you. Here are my reviews in 140 characters or less.
  1. TwitterFriends - Interesting! Graphics are hard to read. See conversations, friends, network. http://tinyurl.com/8fjbxr
  2. Friendorfollow - Nicely done! shows followers, fans & friends. Deserves a look http://friendorfollow.com/m...
  3. Tweetstats - Number of tweets/day, month, who you reply to. So-so. Kudos for strength: @Zaibatsu's stats http://tinyurl.com/nn9ckf
  4. Twitter.grader - Above average. gives a tweet cloud, rank, followers w/history, summary info http://twitter.grader.com
  5. Nearbytweets - Interesting & a bit frightening! who's tweeting near you? deserves a look http://nearbytweets.com/
  6. Retweetrank - Gives a percent of retweets. Not so interesting. http://www.retweetrank.com/...
  7. Tweetwheel - Lame-O. Advertised: "find out which of your friends know each other" Reality: spam. http://www.tweetwheel.com/
  8. Re: Tweetwheel - this page says it's otherwise, but can't get there from here http://bit.ly/bm4bC
  9. Twitoria - Good. ranks lame or lazy twitter friends. http://bit.ly/gzdVN
  10. Qwitter - So-so. Do I care when someone stops following me? http://useqwitter.com/
  11. Tweetwasters - Lame. Doesn't know who I am... http://tweetwasters.com/mxmoss
  12. Favotter - Cool. Search tweets that have been favorited by people. http://favotter.matope.com/en/

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