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Dick Cheney & George W. BushImage by prettywar-stl via FlickrAccording to the New York Times the Bush administration is "abandoning its pursuit of two proposed regulations relaxing air-pollution standards for power plants, surprising both industry and environmentalists by ending its pursuit of one of the last remaining goals set out by Vice President Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force in 2001."

Why? Because they're too busy with all the other rule changes they're working to enact before Bush leaves office.

Jonathan Shradar, an agency spokesman, said Wednesday evening that the agency made the decision despite weeks of frantic work trying to complete the rules. The White House said months ago that no new rules should be imposed in the administration’s last days.

“We didn’t want to be faced with putting a midnight regulation in place,” Mr. Shradar said. “It was better to leave those incomplete rather than force something through.”

I guess when they say "last days" that really does mean... days. The plan was that all rules would be finalized before mid-November, but it appears things are still being juggled.

On the other hand, the Department of the Interior announced earlier this week that it was lifting the 25-year-old ban on carrying loaded weapons in national parks. So, when you go to Crater Lake, you may find the air cleaner, but it's not necessarily safer...

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