We clumb Humbug 2008

Here's a map of the trails up Humbug Mountain. The park is on the Oregon south coast, just south of Port Orford. There's a nice campground near the base of the mountain, and a clear, cold creek that runs through the campground into the ocean. We like to visit the beach there for the occasional weenie roast and watching the sunset.

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You can see from the map there are two options for the trails. We take the 3 miles trail up, and then the 2.5 mile trail down. Twenty years ago there was a spectacular view of the coastline down toward Brookings and Gold Beach. Since then the trees have grown to block the view, but a couple have fallen so there's an intermittent view of the beautiful Pacific.

The trail is steep at the beginning, quickly climbing 200 feet while you're still in view of the parking lot. But after a bit it smooths out and you can spend as much time as you want on the hike. This time we met a guy who said he was beating his current record of 60 minutes. My Garmin GPS put the top of the mountain at 1760 ft above sea level.

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