The Filthy Swine: Picnic Under a Brown Sky

Summer time, and the livin' is easy. Except at Wally Park where the relatives get in the way.

This video shows what you can do with some surplus from Wacky Willies and a screwed up time track. We spent about an hour taping at Wallace Park in NW PDX.

At the time I was really into how video could decompose with copying and screwing with the time tracking. I liked how the image bits would start to fuzz and decompose. Now, with everything digital, you could probably run a program to create a similar effect. Except that once I upload it to youtube.com it gets re-processed and loses the detail I was looking for.

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    I remember being at Bill's house the night some of the song was recorded. Greg (or was it Mike?) had forgotten to bring along the lyrics so he had his mom dictate them to him over the phone.