What will kids eat?

A Very Simple Light Tortilla My son is a picky eater. I asked him to come up with two weeks' worth of dinners that he'd like to eat. The only restrictions were that you couldn't eat out more than once per week, and every meal had to be different.

1 - Ramen
2 - Quesadillas
3 - Spanakopita & salad
4 - Burritos
5 - Tacos
6 - Eat out
7 - Beans & rice
8 - Baked potato (and pork chops)
9 - Homemade pizza
10- Tostadas
11- Waffles & sausage
12- Eat out
13- Macaroni and cheese
14- Falafel & pita

I notice a lack of veggies, but there are ways to spice it up.

  • Ramen - add green onions and scrambled egg to the soup.

  • Baked potato with a side of broccoli makes a quick and easy dinner. Put onions, beans, sour cream, salsa, cheese or butter on the potato. Or, if you have a meat eater (like my other son), add a small pork chop.

  • Homemade pizza can have all sorts of veggies: bell peppers, artichoke hearts, spinach.

  • Quesadillas, tostadas and burritos can be piled high with lettuce, avocados and fresh tomatoes.

  • The compromise for macaroni and cheese was that on that night I made Indian food for the adults.

  • Falafel and pita can have onions, pepperoncini, feta cheese and tahini. Serve with a bulgur salad and lots of baba ganoush.

I guess for the next weeks would could add:
15 - Hamburgers & fries
16 - Toasted cheese sandwiches with salad
17 - Bratwurst on a kaiser roll, applesauce, peas and (for the adults) sauerkraut
18 - Roast chicken and steamed broccoli
19 - Chicken soup
20 - Eat out
21 - Ok.... pizza again.

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