The best non-English language films

Here's an amazing list of non-English films. A significant number are in black & white and I have to think these were chosen for the pure artistry of the films.

I've seen some of these films: PIERROT LE FOU, MY NIGHT AT MAUD'S, AMARCORD, DAS BOOT... and many more. But the cool thing is how many I haven't seen yet. (HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR, SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER, THE GRAND ILLUSION)

In fact, I haven't even seen Run, Lola, Run. Here's one comment about that film:
'The Butterfly Effect' was a movie with an important point about time travel: you should never go back in time to change the past because you, Ashton Kutcher, are an idiot. One of the virtues of this movie is this shows what happens when someone with brains tries to do it.

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